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Support us - Update 2015

All future fundraising is directed to Bone Cancer Research Trust (BCRT) who we have worked closely with in the past and who provide valuable awareness and continue vital research into primary bone cancer. BCRT relies entirely on donations and fundraising to finance its work.

Please find links below to BCRT's Donate and Fundraising pages:

Fundraising Ideas

No matter how big or small, your fund raising efforts are greatly appreciated. You may already have an idea of an event you wish to hold or a challenge you want to complete. Alternatively have a look at our tips.

Physical Challenges

You might wish to do something physical, stretching your abilities, have a look at some of these ideas.



Get sponsored by friends or colleagues to take part in a race or long distance challenge?


Water based sports

There are lots of activities that fall into this category, swimming, rowing, sailing, canoeing and many more.


MarathonMarathons or half marathons

Or further if you like! If running is your thing, there are lots of events across the country that your friends would support you with.


Virtual racing

Set up your cycling or rowing machines for a sponsored race or long distance challenge from the comfort of the gym!


DifferentDo something different

Stand out and get noticed, add something extra to your event, like our log runners.

What a difference a day makes

Getting involved doesn’t always have to be about running a half marathon or sky diving. We have put together some ideas of one day events for you here.


ChallengePersonal Challenge

Make it personal, get sponsored for holding a snake, tarantula or even a rat! What would yours be?!


Dress Down Day

How about holding a dress down day at your workplace? Staff can have a relaxed Friday and wear their jeans or, our colour green for the day!


Sponsored Walk

Take a walk or ramble, soak up some sites in the city, or enjoy the coastal path. Where ever you live, there are walks to be had!


Child Guess The Child

Ask colleagues or school friends to bring in a picture of themselves when they were young, then try and guess who’s who!


Quiz Night

A quiz night always runs successfully, where colleagues, family and friends can raise money for charity and enjoy a sociable night out.


Smartie Challenge

Give your friends a tube of Smarties to enjoy, and ask them to re-fill it with pound coins!


Go Busking

If you’re musically talented, raise some money busking. Just make sure to check with your local council for permission.


Cake Cake Sale

Hold a cake sale morning at your workplace or children’s school. Everyone loves a sweet treat at 11ish!

Thank you for your support

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